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Fantastic product. Well made with good quality materials. Easy to assemble. Durable. Available sizes are perfect for home vegetable garden.

Anre Swanepoel

Great quality planter boxes, I have been growing beautiful vegetables and herbs in them for a year and they serve our kitchen well. Good height and the perfect size. Great service, timely delivery and installation and extra advice and tips. I highly recommend PHive Store – value for money!

Carla du Toit

What a brilliant concept! These raised beds are perfect for your veggies or even flowers and plants. They are strong and sturdy, they are neat and tidy, easy to assemble and easy to use! I have ordered twice already, just adding on more and more. My garden gets so many compliments because these just add a visual element that creates more beauty. I can highly recommend them! Steph was in touch the whole time, making the whole process just so much easier.

Lelanie Loftie-Eaton

Best value for money! It gives the garden a elegant look.Also keeps the garden clean,and plants sorted out.I would really suggest it to anyone who loves keeping there garden work clean and tidy.

Rika Van Der Rijst

Phive store products are good quality and easy to ship and assemble. I have had the most wonderful results with my 3 raised beds and the information that was provided by Stephan and the Phive store website. We would definitely recommend becoming more self sufficient through the use of Phive store raised beds. We have had veggies every month of the year since adding the beds.

Charles Bloem

Been almost a year since I purchased my garden boxes. Excellent. They hold up really well – so far no rust or rotting at all. I have grown alot of different things and I’m absolutely loving it! Would 100% recommend! I even bought my mom a couple for Christmas.

Alex Lombard

About PHIve

At PHIve, we are dedicated to creating products that are simple, clean, and practical. Our focus on durability ensures that our items are built to last. We strive to achieve a perfect balance between quality, affordability and aesthetic appeal while drawing inspiration from nature's proportions to craft designs that are both beautiful and functional.

PHIve's Products

At PHIve, we offer raised garden beds, planter boxes, steel fire pits and greenhouses on request. Crafted with precision from premium materials, our products meet a high standard of quality. With over 30 different sizes and custom work available, we ensure a perfect fit for your needs. We are constantly improving to provide durable, stylish, and functional solutions for your outdoor spaces.

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Nationwide Shipping

Since July 2021, PHIve has constructed a total of 529 raised garden beds and planter boxes. Having completed over 150 projects, we've extended our reach nationwide, with shipments to 80+ locations across South Africa. Each item is conveniently flat packed, accompanied by easy assembly instructions for a seamless setup process.